Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Xmanjung: Whats next after Bukit Jana Caucus

Recent Bukit Jana Xmanjung reunion have been the most well organized and attended since its inception, relatively as mentioned by Amir. Thank you to all members for your sincere cooperation.

Without mentioning names (Im apologize, i might miss the due names..yes Salamah and the Gang...Yati for the Nasi Lemak), we shall also salute the organizers for their voluntary and costly effort to ensure the event success.

The spirit of brother/sisterhood was felt while animosity have vanish in the air and thus signal the new spirit of this caucus.

To achieved understanding and trust is not an easy opportunity. It can only be matured by times. As Bukit Jana meeting goes by, it have been almost 22 years, since we are meeting at Sri Manjung with much hostile feeling then.

This cooperation need to be nurtured further to exposed its potentials. Like a raw diamond, it will only exposed its precious value once polished.

Chinese have been well known to have strong tradition for "berpersatuan". We have seen how social and economic powerful forces of this immigrant community are created thru all kind of persatuan. As Rasulullah s.a.w is mentioning to us that via "jamaah" we shall get 27x effect against standing alone in prayer, thus signify the synergy value that amplified by doing
things in group.

We now have Xmanjung at our disposals and it is up to us to mobilize this caucus for the benefit of its members as a whole. The substance of this group shall not stop for karaoke or tahlil meet, but will thrive lively as what the other successful similar group is achieving. As mentioned by the chairman, this blog will be use for jemputan kenduri, berkhatan and whatever suited for the members benefit.

For the start, on my next posting, I am humbly launching a new business contact directory to be compiled progressively over time. As part of the caucus programme, I am suggesting Xmanjung fund (XMF) to be established via networking business transactions/recommendations made among Xmanjung members. We are not collecting donations here. Instead, we shall generate revenue to the fund.

A certain amount of money from these business transactions are envisaged for Xmanjung Fund (XMF). This fund shall be used to finance our future summit activity, for our members that have the needs, hadiah kahwin kepada yang masih bujang, and for our children such as Hadiah Kecermelangan Akademik so that we may have the award presentation session as to what our karaoke winners have experienced yesterday.

To be continued...


Zai said...

Fund collection bila nak start dan
berapa ?

Ashraf said...


The fund is generated from project basis. The 1st one will came from Ali.

Depends on margin he made, the amount is not fixed. Varies from job to job.

Ada project ka?