Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Boss Mat Ros Lawan Balik (Cerita Polis Hero vs. Polis/ACA/AG Jahat)

Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) director Ramli Yusuff today confirmed that he was the police officer being investigated for amassing RM27 million in undeclared assets.

“Although the name of the officer was not disclosed, it is public knowledge that I was the officer referred to in these widely sensationalised news,” said Ramli in an explosive press statement today.

The media had earlier reported that an unnamed senior officer was being probed by the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) for abuse of power and failure to declare assets.

The news reports also claimed that the officer had failed to declare his position as a director in a company and that he accumulated RM27 million worth of assets illegally.

It is understood that Ramli had been ordered to declare his assets, which he did on Sept 19 to the ACA deputy public prosecutor.

Ramli’s announcement was made at a hastily organised press conference today at the CCID headquarters in Kuala Lumpur’s Bukit Perdana, where his office is located.

In a three-page statement, Ramli - a top ranking police officer - also made a number of allegations including that the police force had failed to stand by him and his officers during the ACA investigation.

“The officers of the CCID have been mistreated by the ACA and are yet to be protected by their own force,” he claimed.

Johari ordered ‘kingpin’s’ arrest

In his statement, Ramli described at length how his department nabbed an alleged underworld kingpin in Johor on the directive of Deputy Internal Security Minister Johari Baharom in March [see full statement].

He said Johari’s order came after a joint committee and a special task force were established last year at the cabinet level and the police to combat illegal money-lending and gambling activities.

“The investigations by CCID led to the eventual detention and banishment of the said Goh Cheng Poh @ Tengku to Jeli, Kelantan,” he said.

Goh’s detention and banishment was made in early August around the same time allegations emerged that Ramli was being probed by ACA for undeclared assets.

Ramli stressed that Goh’s detention was made under the orders of Johari based on intelligence gathered by the CCID.

“The merits of his banishment are a matter which is within the subjective purview and prerogative of the deputy internal security minister and, consequently, I am not at liberty to comment,” he added.

No help from AG’s Chambers

Subsequently, it was reported that ACA and Criminal Investigation Department (CID) - a separate section in the police force - had investigated and cleared Goh.

“This certainly did not include the subject matter of CCID’s investigations into Goh’s affairs as directed by the deputy internal security minister,” Ramli said.

Following this, Goh had applied to the High Court to set aside Johari’s banishment order.

In what Ramli described as an “unprecedented stance”, the Internal Security Ministry’s legal advisor - who is an officer of the Attorney-General’s Chambers - had declined to help the CCID to fight the case.

Instead, the legal advisor had ordered Ramli and his officers to prepare by themselves affidavits of the events surrounding their preparation of investigative papers on Goh.

“I was under advice at the time that the AG was under a duty to advise and assist us in the preparation of the said affidavits under Article 145 of the Federal Constitution and the Government Proceedings Act, 1956," he said.

Instead, Ramli said he had to seek legal advice from a private law firm to draft the affidavits.

ACA blew our cover

Following this, Ramli said ACA officer Sok One Esen had filed an affidavit in the proceedings brought by Goh, which confirmed that the ACA was investigating his department’s officers for allegedly abusing their powers.

Ramli said that Sok One was also present at the Hari Raya arrest of Rosli Dahlan, the lawyer who had helped the CCID to prepare its affidavits. Rosli was subsequently charged in court for failure to declare his assets after he was ordered to do so by ACA.

“Within the week, several officers of the CCID were arrested and charged in court for allegedly falsifying evidence concerning the banishment of Goh.

“In the charge sheets, the names of the confidential informants have been disclosed,” he lamented.

Ramli then dropped a bombshell regarding ACA’s dealings with the identities of police informants.

“The identities of the informants were obtained through the circumvention of the Inspector-General’s Standing Orders.

“Given these events, there exists a clear and present danger as to the intelligence gathering ability of the police force and its ability to protect its informants.”

Ramli ended his statement that he was going to Saudi Arabia to perform his ‘umrah’ (minor haj) on Saturday and he would leave the matter to be dealt with by the Internal Security Ministry.

“These are disturbing events and will undeniably have a deep impact, not only on the CCID but the police force as a whole."


DaMA said...


Senyap ja.., kan?

Aku bukanlah nak komen apa-apa ttg topik Polis Hero lwn Polis Jahat. Just let my itchy hand keep running on this keyboard without any specific intention.

I was just looking at all photos during our recent Grand Reunion. It was, indeed, a grand one. Looking back at the preparation, I can tell it need a lot of sacrifices from those committee members.

Agak-agaknya bila kita boleh jumpa balik mcm tu? Akan adakah excitement yg sama kalau kita nak buat 3 tahun lagi? Atau perlu dipendam 5 tahun? 10 tahun?

Seharusnya reunion memberi banyak kebaikan. Semangat persaudaraan boleh dikekalkan. Yang terputus bersambung semula, yang kusut boleh diurai, yang terpendam terjawab sudah. Rugi sapa yg tak pi.

Jadi, bila kita nak buat lagi? Kalau boleh janganlah sampai aku pi bawa menantu pulak?!

DaMA - Dee anak Mat Alim

Mr Chairman said...


Bila bila pun boleh...kalo ada yang berminat nak buat!!!

Anonymous said...

DaMA (Dee anak Mat Alim). Awat hang tak guna bin? Setau aku kalau kat perlis yg guna camtu org siam je. He.. he.. he..
Tapi apapun anak gjh guna nama "DEE" kiut sangat kan...?

DaMA said...

Ahah? Ader pon oghang?!

Thx Mr Chairman for your response. I believe many of us are looking forward again for another Grand Reunion.

To those who attended, we already created the momentum, and those who heard about our recent gathering, are anxious to join our next coming reunion. Hence, in my humble opinion, we don't have to wait for 2 or 3 years to organize the next one. We can just start now to organize, something more meaningful..., more memorable, and more.. more ..more..(whatever u wanna call it).

Probably, we could organize for a "HomeCominG Reunion"..., where we could have it close to Manjung vicinity, for instance Lumut Valley Resort, Lumut Country Resort or the great Telok Batik - Telok Batik Country Resort.

I'm sure many of us would like to see the place that brought us together. And it is more intriguing if we could visit the place again together, don't you guys think so?

Imagine Bandar Seri Manjung was like a deserted place... For ages, it stood there, so quiet, so peaceful, until we came, we occupy and we make noise... especially kat rumah kedai bertingkat dua. So loud that Cina Kampong Koh started coming out, pakcik-makcik Kampong DSK mula bukak gerai... and even org TLDM came to the town. There are a lot of memories in that small town.

Anyway, that is just my opinion. It can be condemned, discussed or agreed among the open minded people like us.

Time? I would suggest the second week of Cuti Sekolah Penggal Tiga. That's a long way to go, mates... Plenty of good time to discuss and plenty of good reasons to make this blog alive.

What say you, guys, gals?

DaMA said...

Mr Anonymous.

Tenkiu pasal guna perkataan kiut tu. Aku tak tau pulak yg aku ni 'sajak' sangat dgn perkataan kiut tu? Tak kiralah Mr Anonymous nak sindir aku ker, nak pujik aku kerr... yg penting Mr Anonymous guna perkataan kiut. Tenkiu Mr Anonymous.

Aku nak ngaku aku keturunan Siam saja, nanti kecik ati pulak bapak aku, so aku kata Siam campoq Bugis. Bugis dari Danau Tempe, Bantaeng Regency, pak... kah..kah..kah..

Tang anak gjh tu.. no komen laaa... anak pon dah jadi bapak... Tapi yg penting Mr Anonymous kat kiut.. he..he

amir said...

There's going to be a 'Mini Reunion' again in January 2008, InsyaAllah...provided that our friend invite us to his 'Grand' day..Location? Perak again..The occasion? Guess yourself...Jeng!Jeng!Jeng!

Mr Chairman said...

If in January there might be two Re-Union will be arranged one day after another....Jeng! Jeng! Jeng!

amir said...

Adakah X7 terlibat....????

Mr Chairman said...

if inclusive X7..should be 3 days in a row..WOW!!!!!!!

amir said...

apsal 3 ari 3 mlm je? patut2 kalu X7 kahwin lagi kena but 7 ari 7 mlm.. (mcm P.Ramlee dalam Madu 3)..

Anonymous said...

3 hari 3 mlm cukup la sbb hari 4,5,6,7 dan seterusnya X7 masuk hsptal kena plangkung bini 1, bini 2 dan bakal bini no 4

DaMA said...

Eh..eh.. tambah lagi satu Grand day, boleh dak? AKU!

Tarikh yg aku punya berikut-ikut dgn Samdol...

amir said...


"Grand" day untuk kawan aku yang satu tu dah confirm dah rasanya..(Takkan nak ubah decision kot...) tapi yang satu lagi (yang Mr Chairman mention tu) tak dapat lagi siapa orangnya..Kalu X7 bukan, sapa lagi yang ada potensi nak menambah jumlah ahli keluarga ni? Samdol aku tak rasa...(Berani ke dia?) Cepat kawan2, kita buka kuiz "SAPA DIA?" with immediate effect....Cepat panaskan blog yang dah lama suam2 kuku ni..Mana Are Lee, Mat Ganja, Bad dan yang lain2? Masa kita nak buat "Grand Reunion" dulu, bukan main aktif lagi korang participate dalam blog ni, especially bab mengata X7..
Anyway, aku masih rasa X7 adalah calon yang sorang lagi nak adakan "Grand" day in January 2008..Takkan Mr Chairman kot?????

Ajeeb said...

Amir, wa rasa yg sorang lagi tu pun budak Taiping gak...sebab dia dah dpt 'green light' utk yang seterusnya...

amir said...


Budak Taiping??? Let's list all the Taiping boys:-
1. Samdol
2. Azizul
3. Meor Palam
4. Zai (yang baru nak kenduri on 6/1/2008)
5. Dan Mangkuk

Sapa dia yand ada potensi ni?????

Anonymous said...

jeng! jeng! jeng! jeng! ooppppssss!!!

amir said...


Sapa dia calon kita ni????????
Cepat la buat pengakuan kat blog ni, especially kalu dah dapat permit dari bini tua...X7 masa nikah bini nombor 2 dulu tak ajak kengkawan pun...aku teringin gak nak pi kenduri kawin kawan kawin 2....

amir said...

Bro Om budak Pasir Puteh, Ipoh..So dia tak listed as budak Taiping...Rasanya kalu bebudak Taiping yang listed earlier (Samdol, Meor Palam,Dan Mangkuk-(yang ni aku confirm masih bujang..)tak buat penafian/pengesahan kat dalam blog ni, tinggal 2 je calonnya..SAMDOL & MEOR PALAM....